Sunday, June 13, 2010

16 Week Update


Ahhhh, 16 weeks!  I have an appetite, energy, and a belly that's definitely growing!!  (I'll have a belly pic up later battery decided to die when we tried taking the pic earlier.)  While I'm starting to stress about getting a nursery ready (we're putting our condo on the market next month, hoping to move to a larger place that's closer to work and the hospital by September), I'm beginning to feel like I might be able to handle things.  I've also registered for prenatal yoga classes, which should help me manage the worry a bit better!

We find out Bun's sex in a little over 4 weeks, until which I'm taking care of gender-neutral registry items.  I've registered for most of the small stuff (bottles, pacifiers, bath stuff, etc..), and Ben and I have picked out boy and girl bedding sets.  We've also decided on the Graco Snugfit infant car seat, and we'll be checking out coordinating strollers at Babies R Us before too long.  My mom and stepdad are visiting us July 4th weekend, at which point Mom and I will be hunting for nursery furniture.  So things are moving along well...I just need a room to put Bun in! ;)

Potentially the biggest news of the weekend:  I think I felt Bun move this afternoon!!  I'm really not sure, and I know 16 weeks is a bit early for feeling movement as a first-time mommy.  But I definitely felt a sort of popcorn-like sensation - irregular and faint - where Bun is supposedly located while lying down this afternoon.  I figure I'll start spending a few minutes a day lying down and paying attention, just in case.  I understand it should start to get stronger in the coming weeks if it really was Bun.  For now, my imagination of Bun's acrobatics is making my day!!

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