Saturday, May 8, 2010

Eleven weeks, and OUCH!


I'm eleven weeks pregnant today, with a couple of new developments to share. First, I'm starting to show (yay!). My belly began rounding out this week, and it doesn't come and go like the bloating of a few weeks ago. With a fitted shirt on, I actually look like I'm starting to show. And all but one pair of my jeans are too tight to button, so the belly bands are now in full use. Good thing it's about time to announce at work - I absolutely refuse to go into baggy clothing mode!

Another appearance in the past couple of days is round ligament pain (ouch!), caused by these ligaments stretching and thickening to support the growing uterus they surround. This generally doesn't begin until the second trimester, but I figure that's only two weeks away for me. Plus, the fact that I'm starting to show makes me think Bun is fully capable of causing a little trouble. For now, it's more of a inconvenience than a pain, and a brief and welcome reminder of Bun! Just in case, though, I'll check with the doctor during my appointment on Monday morning (so don't worry, Mom! ;).

In other news: we went to look at baby stuff for the first time last weekend, and just about everything I had picked out online looked great in person. We've changed our minds on the boy's bedding, though, to this one, from Lambs and Ivy:

New Boy Bedding: Team Safari

It's a perfect blend of animals and sports, including a cute little monkey playing basketball! Plus, I think the colors will go better with the animal cut-outs that Mom is giving us. I figure we can scatter some wood cutouts of a football, basketball, baseball, and soccer ball next to the animals. Cute, huh?

So things are still moving along. Nausea is waning (although I still have rough days now and then), and my energy is starting to make a comeback. Looking forward to a glorious second trimester!!

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