Thursday, June 3, 2010

Newest Ultrasound

We saw the doctor on Tuesday, and everything looks great.  Added bonus - we got a new picture of Bun!!  In an effort to make all the parts obvious to the grandparents, Ben had a bit of fun playing with the picture on Photoshop.  Here's the result:

Figure 1.  Cool hiking boot baby

Already stylin' at just 14 weeks...  ;-)


sarah said...

Ahhhh hahahaha! That is hilarious! Thanks for linking to me. I have now added you to my reader so I will be keeping up with you too. I am a terrible commenter (bad blogger) but wanted to let you know I will be following :)

Ben and Mandy said...

Thanks Sarah! I'm pretty bad myself - chock it up to balancing work and life and (now) pregnancy. :) Love reading your blog though - your little one is precious!