Saturday, May 1, 2010

Ten weeks!


Well, today I'm "officially" ten weeks pregnant. Still in my first trimester - and still experiencing nausea and exhaustion. But, according to everything we've read, Bun has now completed most of his/her major organ development. So we've got a little baby inside of my belly, starting to grow like a weed!

My excitement has also started to take off this past week, and I've been checking out nursery decor at a rapid click. I'm still going back and forth on several things, but I know I want bright bold colors for the baby to look at (no pastel-colored room, no matter how sweet it may look to us). For a baby boy, Ben really wants to have monkeys, so we've decided on zoo animals. I think my favorite bedding set, so far, is this:

Boy Bedding: Jackson

Plus, Mom has the perfect set of cutouts that she saved from my nursery:

Animal Cutouts from Mom

We just need to find/make a monkey to go with these guys! As for a girl's room, I'm really loving the idea of ladybugs right now. Here's a nice one that I like:

Girl Bedding: Lady Bug

The whole room collection is actually really cute (especially the lamp!!), but they painted walls pink for the online pic, and the room looked like it had been washed over with Pepto!

For the nursery furniture, I'd like to go with a more natural wood color, or possibly oak. I haven't decided if we're going to buy furniture that will be just nursery furniture, or if we want to get something that we'll take Bun to college (i.e., regular crib or a lifetime convertible crib). But my favorite (at the moment) is this furniture collection from Babi Italia:

Furniture: Eastside Cinnamon, Babi Italia

So those are the nursery ideas for now - I'm sure they'll be changing quite a bit over the coming months. But I want to have most of this decided on/purchased/registered for by July...I think some friends of mine back in Dallas are throwing a shower for me in August!! Man, if only I could get past all this nausea, this pregnancy thing would be too much fun!!!!

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