Sunday, April 25, 2010

Some of my favorite things


As I enter my 9th week, I'm thinking about all the things that helped me through my second month of pregnancy. In honor of Bun's third month, I present a list of my favorite things:

1. Good jogging, sleep, and (soon) maternity bras
2. Ginger gum
3. Lemonade
4. Starchy foods
5. Fruit
6. Seabands
7. Sleep
8. Midnight (or 3am) snacks
9. Exercise*

And some of my least favorite things (which used to be some of my faves before getting pregnant)
1. Chocolate
2. The thought of wine, or any sort of alcohol
3. V8
4. Broccoli
5. Leafy green veggies
6. Chicken (unless it's fried)
7. Food in general
8. Exercise*

*Notice "exercise" made the list twice; this one depends on the day of the week.

A few interesting developments from this past week:
1. Occasional bloating makes me look pregnant - and I mean really pregnant.
2. I've gained just a couple of pounds but can comfortably button only two pairs of my jeans.
3. Ponytail holders make great extenders for pants that can't be comfortably buttoned.

I'm also starting to think about nursery furniture, but will wait a bit longer before getting too into re-decorating. Right now I'm looking forward to losing the nausea, a return of my appetite, and a real pregnant belly that doesn't come and go with bloating. This whole pregnancy thing is an adventure already!

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