Monday, October 3, 2011

That boy ain't right

Sometimes I wonder about my little boy,
  • when he opens the door repeatedly onto his head, turns back at me and Ben smiling, then goes back to his head banging routine.
  • when he tries to nurse my arm or leg, usually leaving behind a disturbingly apparent hickey.
  • when he repeatedly pushes his toy walker into a wall, or his crib, or the stove, grunting at the fact that physics defy his will.
  • when I walk into his nursery, only to find him crawling around his room with his Leap Frog table stuck on his back.
  • when he puts his head face down into the bubble bath, takes a drink of the water, then lifts his head up with a bubbly mustache.
Blue fish nicely complements the flavor of soapy bath water.

And then there's my husband. Ben read Guess How Much I Love You to Jake before bed tonight, and he decided to give Big Nut Brown Hare the voice of that crazy dude played by Billy Bob Thornton in Sling Blade:
"Hmmm, I love you right up to the moon and, hmmm, back. Hmmm."
Yeah, that boy ain't right.

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