Saturday, October 8, 2011

Obviously, gifted and talented

There's a small chance I'm biased, but my son appears to be a prodigy. At a mere 11 months of age, ake's consistently using the "milk" sign, and this morning marked his first usage of the sign for "more". He also has started (mostly) correctly matching these colored shapes when Ben or I ask which one goes with the one in his hand. And although he's not walking yet, Jake's already figured out how to steer his toy walker with the agility of Barry Sanders.

Best of all, he's immediately stops what he's doing when I say "Jacob David" in my best teacher voice. To maintain the effectiveness of this one, I'm reserving it for the times I need it most (i.e., when he winds up to hit the flat-screen TV with the remote control).

Happy 11 month birthday to the most brilliant 11-month-old ever!!

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