Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Nursery!!

We have a nursery!!! Our condo is now officially off the market, and Ben and I busied ourselves over the holiday weekend getting the nursery set up! We moved all the guest bedroom furniture out of Jake's room Friday afternoon. And Saturday we had Jake's new furniture delivered!! The rest of the weekend was spent getting things set up, and I've finally found some time to take pictures of the current state of the nursery:

I remembered that we had the blue recliner in our storage unit. It's so comfortable and I think I'll like it a lot more than any glider we could afford to buy. Jake's bookshelf is being delivered on Tuesday (supposedly); it will go underneath the animal cutouts that are hanging up on the back wall. Ben will be finishing up the monkey cutout in the next few weeks as well. The poor elephant lost his hanger in the move, so we'll need to fix that soon (probably re-do the hangers on the rest of the animals as well; after all, they were originally made 30 years ago). And we still need to tack on some hooks to Jake's letters so that those can be hung over his crib. Lots of little things to do, but the major stuff is in place. Now we just need our little one to complete the room!! Less than three months to go!

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