Sunday, August 22, 2010

Baby Shower!

Well, I finally got to experience my very own baby shower!! I traveled down to Dallas this past weekend, where two of my oldest friends through a big one for me and Jake. The shower was amazing, complete with lots family, old friends, and even a diaper cake:

Too cute, huh?!?! Jake pulled in quite the loot as well...we now have his bedding, lamp, bath stuff, as well as lots of toys, receiving blankets, burp cloths, clothes (oh my God do we ever have clothes), and a few gorgeous homemade quilts and afghans:

And all the diapers that came with the diaper cake, along with a nice diaper bag. We still have some big items to go - the car seat, stroller, and playard - but we have gift cards and two more showers up here in Denver. It's so hard to believe how much stuff our friends and family are providing us - such a blessing!! We also got another item marked off the nursery to-do list - making JAKE letters! One of our hostesses made these beauties for us:

Ben and I have also made a couple of "critical" decisions for the nursery. I wanted a cubby/bookshelf for Jake's toys and books, but I insisted on it being short so that he couldn't climb up the shelves. Well, we finally found this item on a couple of weeks ago:

The shelf can sit on its side, and Ben is going to (eventually) attach it to the wall so that Jake can't pull it over on himself when he starts pulling up. Aren't the little baskets in there cute? They've got a ton of colors to choose from (also available at Lowe's), so we'll be able to match them nicely with Jake's bedding. We're going to paint it a darker green color that goes well with the bedding, and we're looking for an inexpensive white nightstand to paint the same color.

So the plans are all in place...we just need a room to decorate now! Our condo will be on the market for two more weeks...then I get to start decorating the guest room. Jake's furniture should be coming in any day now, and the store will hold it until we ask them to deliver. I'm getting so excited, and antsy - it's time for Mama to nest!!

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