Saturday, April 10, 2010



I'm officially seven weeks pregnant today, and Ben and I are now breathing a bit easier - we saw, and heard, Honey Bun's heartbeat this week! Although I had my first prenatal appointment during my fourth week, it was too early for me to see anything too telling. So the first appointment was filled with details - prenatal blood tests, checking the safety of medications, questions about symptoms, etc... This week's appointment was the big one, though, the one that let us know Bun really was in there, developing into our own sweet little baby. Until this appointment, I was having a hard time even accepting what was happening inside my body - I've been just so scared that it wasn't real, or that it might go away.

But it is real, and the experience of this week's appointment was absolutely amazing. The ultrasound technician quickly found Bun and we saw the quick fluttering of his/her heart. After taking some measurements, the technician turned the sound on, explaining that it wasn't always possible to hear the heartbeat this early on. Barely a second later, the room was filled with the quick pounding of our little one's new heart! I was in tears, and Ben was holding my foot (rather tightly) - it was the happiest moment of my life (his too I'm sure).

I'm sure there will be many more of these moments to come. And, while I'm still holding onto some of the anxiety, I'm also so much more excited about planning for Bun. I have a feeling the next 33 weeks will fly by before we know it!

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