Saturday, March 20, 2010

The wake up call


It was March 20, 2010. A Saturday. A day of the week I normally like to reserve for sleeping in. No work. No church. No alarm. Good stuff. Well, on this Saturday, I didn't quite make it to 6:30. Later than the work week, for sure, but not ideal either. Comfortably curled up on my side, I hear a faint voice, but I can't make out what it's saying. "Cool, I'm dreaming", is what I think I must have thought to myself. The voice got a little louder as I heard, "Honey...wake up". No! This can't be right. Why am I dreaming about somebody telling me to wake up? What a lame-ass dream this is going to be! Then I hear it again, louder and more urgent, "Honey, wake up". Crap! This ain't no dream. She's waking me up?!?! Why is she waking me up?!?! My eyelids crack open just enough to see the time on my alarm clock...6:26am! Ok, seriously! Why is she waking me up?!?! It's Saturday. I want to sleep another 90 minutes. By then, she's shaking me by the shoulder and repeating her call for me to wake up with what starts to sound like a bit of a quaver in her voice. I think to myself, "What's wrong? Is someone sick? Did something break? Plumbing leak? Are we out of coffee creamer?" Concerned now, I relent. I roll over and open my eyes. I'm welcomed by my beautiful wife holding a little white object up in my face. Her purpose is not registering with me. I'm still more than half asleep, and my wife, Mandy, has got what looks like some piece of white plastic stuck in my face. What the..."I'm pregnant! We're pregnant!" she cries. I, being slow on the uptake, finally comprehend it was the pee stick from her pregnancy test. I was awake! Very awake! "Mission accomplished!" I think to myself while knowing it had just begun.

So started my first day as a father-to-be. And not so long after that, my first day as a blogger. Let's hope I'm good with at least one of these (and I'm totally fine with being a lousy blogger).

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