Saturday, October 22, 2011

A brand new day

Between fevers, coughs, stomach bugs, and teething, Jakey has been a complete mess the past month. This downturn was exacerbated by a string of stressful family events, the combination of which has produced more sleepless nights than I can count. Although we've experienced brief moments of happiness, parenting has mostly been an exercise in just getting through.

As of today's afternoon nap, though, we appear to be on an upward swing. Ben and I walked into the nursery to find Jake bouncing up and down in his crib with a humongous smile on his face. We all celebrated this glorious awakening with dancing and bouncing and singing several rounds of "Jump around... Jump around... Jump up, jump up and get down!", all the while Jake was laughing Mom's favorite sound in the whole wide world. It's been a while since I've heard that much laughter from my sweet little boy.

Best of all, Ben's no longer asking if it's possible to have a mutant baby who won't grow teeth. Life is good.

Notice the bottom tooth, food is so much better when you can chew it!

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