Monday, August 15, 2011

A weekend of laughter, food and IKEA

Ben and I had an all-around fabulous weekend with Jake, much improved over last week when a viral infection ripped through the household, leaving Jake and yours truly pathetic, listless heaps of snot. THIS weekend, however, was pretty fun.

Saturday we made the pilgrimage down to the new Denver IKEA - or as Ben likes to call it, the Socialist Walmart. This place really is a feat of modern engineering and design, and I absolutely love it. Our purchase was pretty small (two picture frames), but I'm hoping a new job and home will necessitate an IKEA shopping spree in the coming year!!

We also made our way to the mall on the south end of town, where we got a first hand look at the Tesla Roadster in the Tesla store (seriously fru-fru mall that we were at). It was pretty nice car, but the Subaru Outback is really more my speed. I'm am a bit of a hippy after all. In fact, the only thing in the store that Ben and I could every hope to afford was this onesie:

Pretty amazing that they actually sell clothing. But I guess they're selling a lifestyle, not just a brand. I'm now awaiting the day when I see a dad and his child riding down the street in their Tesla wearing matching Tesla t-shirts.

Sunday was a more relaxed day. Ben cooked brunch for Jake and I - bacon, eggs, hash browns, croissants, cheese slices, and yogurt. Jake LOVED it, although at least have of the meal was in his high chair when he finished! Seriously, between spit-ups, poops, and spilled food, we're going to need to hire one fabulous carpet cleaner before we rent out our condo next year.

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