Monday, August 22, 2011

A smile and a laugh to chase away the fussies

Jake was in a mood this morning. From the time he woke up until I dropped him off at daycare. No way to know for sure why, but I'm guessing cabin fever. Ben and I didn't take him out of the house at all this weekend, and he was sick of it by the time he woke this morning.

After mentioning to his teacher that Jake was in a mood (and apologizing - why do moms always feel the need to apologize for their children's moods?), I sat him down on the floor and waited for the frantic cry and arm waving (PICK ME UP!!!!!!) But there was none. Instead, after surveying the room for a moment, Jake made a beeline for a new little girl in the class, laughing and babbling the whole way.

Just what a mom needs for a quick self esteem boost in the morning prior to heading off to work. So to soothe my own spell of the fussies, I started going through a few of the pictures I took of Jake yesterday. These two are my favorites - a sweet smile, and a freakin' hilarious laugh.

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