Saturday, September 18, 2010

Nursery & Baby Update - 30 Weeks

One more week down, and more nursery projects have been completed! Ben was very busy yesterday, getting a few items off the baby to-do list crossed off. First, he got Jake's bookshelf put together and attached to the wall while I was at work, so I got to do some more decorating after getting home!

Ben still has some work to do on the monkey cut-out, so hopefully Mr. Bojangles (as Grandma has taken to calling him) will be up with his new friends before too long! Ben also got Jake's letters put up above the crib:

All together, I'd say the room is shaping up to be a great little nursery for Jake!

In other news, I had a bit of a scare this week when I got the results back from my one-hour glucose test. The results came back Monday a little high - 135, with a cut-off of 130. After spending half the day freaking out about the prospect of dealing with gestational diabetes (hey, I'm a pasta nut), I found out that the cut-off in some states was as high as 145, which calmed me down a bit. Tuesday I had the 3 hour fasting glucose test performed at the office, which involved fasting from 7:30 pm the night before, getting pricked at 7:30 am the next morning, then drinking an entire solution of glucose, followed by three more pin pricks every hour...still fasting. I felt like a pin cushion and was miserably hungry, but I was rewarded afterward with some yummy Thai food (Tommy's Thai rules!) for lunch. The next afternoon, I found out all was normal...w00t!!

Ben and I are now 2 weeks into our childbirth classes at Rose, which have been wonderful. I feel so much more empowered having the information under my belt (much better than any book, I swear). And I'm starting to feel like I'll be able to follow the unmedicated birth plan that I'm developing. Ben is being as supportive as ever, too, making this whole process, which can be so overwhelming at times, a hell of a lot more bearable, and even somewhat enjoyable. :)

So all is normal in our little world. We're just so ready to meet our little man - only 10 weeks to go!!

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Anonymous said...

The room looks fantastic. Can't wait until the monkey takes its place between tiger and elephant.