Saturday, July 17, 2010

Nursery and Baby Update - 21 Weeks


So I'm now 21 weeks. I've been absent from this blog for awhile and have a bit of catching up to do. First, I apologize for my absence (if there's anyone out there who's noticed ;). Also, I apologize for the lack of an 18-week belly pic...we had no time whatsoever to get a picture in!! I'll be uploading the 20-week belly pic as soon as this post is finished. Why the absence? We finally put our condo on the market this past week, and the past few weekends (when I normally update this blog) have been packed with tiling, cleaning, organizing, and other miscellaneous fixer-up projects. The place looks great, though, and we're posed (hopefully) for a quick sale. Then we can find a nice place to bring our little Bun home to!

And speaking of Bun, we now have a name for out little one. We went to the doctor on Tuesday for an anatomy ultrasound, and...

It's a Boy!!!!!!!

So Bun now has a real name: Jacob David, or Jake. :) Jake and I have our first baby shower in 4 weeks, and his registry is now complete (as of last night). We've chosen the Team Safari bedding from Lambs and Ivy:

We also bought furniture for Jake a few weeks ago when Grandma and Keith were in town:

We didn't buy the hutch, but we did get everything else. The dresser will be used as the changing table. Just try to imagine it with the reds, blues and greens of the Team Safari bedding and without out all the pink. I think it will look fantastic once it's all put together. It's on order right now, and the store will keep it for us as long as we need after it has come in. Now we just need a place to move it all! We also need to find a glider and some sort of storage/book shelf, but we're waiting until we know what kind of room we'll have before making those purchases.

In other news...Jake is quite the squirmer, and hitter. ;) He also likes to curl up into a nice tight little ball, which is very easy to find against my belly. If you shove gently on the ball, he'll pop out of it and fly all over my belly. Quite the funny little game we have going! He also gets quite excited when Mommy gets excited...and tends to celebrate by kicking/hitting my bladder. So getting excited now comes with an urge to run to the restroom.

That's about it for now. Now that the major stuff around the condo has been taken care of, I'll hopefully get a bit better about keeping things updated here. I also have a major list of baby stuff to take care of in the coming month (day care, diaper service, pediatrician, nursery decorations). It's going to be a busy few months!!

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