Saturday, July 31, 2010

23 weeks, and ready to plan for Jake!


It's been a crazy few weeks. Between finishing our condo remodel, putting the condo on the market, grant deadlines (mine), paper resubmissions (Ben's), and a conference (mine), we've hardly had any time to think about our little man...or this blog!

But things are calming down, at least for now. We've had no views of the condo yet, so we're adjusting to the idea that we'll be bringing Jake home to our cozy, newly-remodeled home. While not completely ideal, the place is so gorgeous now with everything finished. I'm sure Jake will find it plenty comfortable for his first few months. We'll just take another stab at selling next spring (if it doesn't suddenly fly off the market this next month).

So I'm now starting to plan out how we can convert our guest bedroom into the nursery:

I think we have plenty of room for all the furniture we've purchased (crib, chest and dresser/changer), and the few items we still need to buy (glider, night stand and bookshelf). The glider will go where the chair is now, with a nightstand next to it. On the left side of the room I'll put the dresser/changer, as well as the chest of drawers. And on the right side will be the crib and bookshelf. Behind the camera is a bit more room:

I haven't decided yet if we'll move the desk out or not. I'd really like the room to be completely dedicated to Jake, and I think this desk will fit in our bedroom. The dresser in the above picture will also be moving into our room though, and the bed and chair are already slated to move into storage, which is starting to get pretty stuffed. I guess we'll wait and see how it all looks. If we do move it out, I might put Jake's chest of drawers back there and rearrange the rest of the room accordingly.

Now for the walls. I'd like to do a chair rail around the room, and I'm considering painting the wall below the rail a somewhat darker color. I want to stay somewhat neutral, since the condo will go back on the market next spring. But I think a nice shade of forest green will work well with the jungle theme. The only thing I cannot decide on is whether or not I want to use the border that we've registered for. We won't be able to use it after we move, since we're planning on renting for a while. But I also worry about what putting a border up will do when the place is on the market. I guess it just depends on how carried away we get when putting the nursery together!!

So that's the current state of baby planning. I have my first shower in Dallas in two weeks (yay!!!!!). So there might be plenty of inspiration after I get back from that trip. In the meantime, any ideas y'all have are surely welcome!!

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